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Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Definition and Aftercare Tips!

A wisdom tooth can be quite a menace and force us to opt for tooth extractions. The extraction procedure can be scary and the recovery process can be increasingly worrisome. But you can say goodbye to your list of worries. Our dentists at Justin Dental and Braces have devised certain tips to hasten the recovery process and make it smooth and painless. 

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Our third molars or wisdom teeth start springing at the back of our mouth from the age of seventeen. Due to lack of space inside our mouth, they can push and put pressure on our set of teeth. It can cause severe decay and infection. Oftentimes you might suffer from an impacted wisdom tooth that demands immediate removal. Hence, dentists recommend wisdom teeth extractions to minimize discomfort and reduce risks of other dental complications.

Aftercare Tips for Speedy Recovery 

It is not unusual to experience some pain after wisdom tooth removal. Listed below are some tips and tricks that can speed up the recovery process and provide relief from pain and swelling. Let us take a look at them.

Control Bleeding with Gauze Pad

It is normal to bleed after the extraction from the extracted area. The dentist will recommend you to bite down on a gauze pad to stop the bleeding. Remember to bite gently. This will help in the formation of blood clots that will protect you from infections. Teabags can also be used to minimize bleeding. In case the bleeding continues you might have to find an emergency dentist near you.

Cold Compressions

Cold compresses or ice packs can work wonders after your wisdom tooth removal. Icing your checks can reduce the swelling drastically and provide immediate relief. Keep using cold compresses for 48 hours after the extraction. This will hasten the recovery process and you will be up and about in no time.

Consume Soft Foods

You must avoid going back to your crunchy and sticky food items after the extraction process. It is advisable to stick to edibles that are easy to chew. You can consume food items such as jello, yogurt, soups, and mashed vegetables. Soft food will not affect the extraction site and it will heal faster.

Say No to Alcohol and Smoking

You must avoid tobacco and alcohol after your wisdom tooth extraction. Smoking can cause dry sockets in your mouth and pave the way for bacterial infections. It can cause serious discomfort and delay your recovery extensively. Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol after you got your wisdom tooth pulled to prevent dry sockets.

Do not Ignore Prescribed Medications

Never ignore the medications prescribed by the dentist. You might be prescribed antibiotics and painkillers to ease your pain and hasten the recuperation process. Avoiding them or discontinuing a medication course beforehand can make you susceptible to bacteria and create further complications.
Now that you have so many aftercare tips and tricks under your belt, do not be scared of a wisdom tooth extraction. Go for it today and enjoy good dental health throughout your life. If you are looking for wisdom tooth extraction services in Justin, TX then consult us today.

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