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Wisdom Teeth and Oral Surgery

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Wisdom Teeth And Oral Surgery

Restore your oral health and prevent future dental problems with our specialized wisdom teeth and oral surgery treatments, performed with the utmost care and precision.
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Wisdom teeth are often the very last of a patient’s teeth to come into the mouth. Most people will notice their wisdom teeth start to develop right before they enter adulthood. The unfortunate part about wisdom teeth is that it’s not uncommon to not have enough room for them to come in properly. This causes them to become severely impacted or have the ability to only partially erupt through the gums. Removal of your wisdom teeth can prevent and put a stop to any problems they cause.

Why is treatment of Wisdom Teeth necessary?

If your wisdom teeth are impacted or if you won’t have enough room in the mouth for them to become fully exposed, we’ll recommend having them removed. The sooner that you make the decision to remove your wisdom teeth, the easier the surgery will be and the fewer problems you’ll experience.

Some of the most common signs of needing your wisdom teeth extracted include:

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What can other Oral Surgeries treat?

We offer a range of other oral surgical procedures to help with many different dental and maxillary conditions. We conduct a consultation and exam before any surgery is performed. Some of the more common surgeries we do are performed to treat:

  • TMJ-related problems
  • Trauma to the face and jaw
  • Extractions
  • Dental implants
  • Bone grafting
  • Correcting other dental issues
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What can you expect during your Surgical appointment?

A dental examination allows us to determine if and when you might need oral surgery. We will discuss sedation and anesthetic options before any type of procedure is performed. Our mission is to provide you the care you need without it being uncomfortable or invasive. At all times, we will monitor your care to ensure that surgeries are done as carefully and efficiently as possible.

If you have wisdom teeth that need to be removed or you need another oral surgery done, call us today and we can help to answer your questions.