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Root Canal: Recovery Tips & Definition!

Root canals are a routine procedure and are performed by dentists almost every day. It is a very useful treatment that can stop bacterial infections and protect you from a painful extraction. Despite being so popular, there are certain myths associated with root canal pain. Our dentists at Justin Dental and Braces have decided to bust a few of these myths in this blog.

What Is A Root Canal?

Before jumping into the other sections we need to have a clear understanding of root canals. Your dental pulp is located in the root canal and it provides blood to your teeth. A root canal procedure is typically an endodontic treatment that can be recommended by your Justin dentist when your pulp is infected. To stop the spread of bacterial infection the decaying pulp is removed and the affected area is disinfected and secured. Hence, skipping these procedures can increase your root canal pain and worsen your oral health.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Now that we know what is a root canal, let us find the answer to the most frequently asked question. Do root canals hurt? Well, before the treatment root canal pain can be immense. During the root canal procedure, your Justin dentist will use a sedative so that you feel nothing. Your procedure will practically be painless. After the treatment, you might feel minor pain which usually subsides after a couple of days. What are you waiting for? Bid goodbye to your worries and visit your dentist in Justin for your root canal treatment today!

How Can My Root Canal Recovery Process Be Hassle-Free?

Want a pain-free recovery process? Do not want to wait for a long time to go back to your daily life? Your favorite dentist in Justin has listed down a few tips to speed up your root canal recovery process.

Be Mindful Of Your Diet

You must avoid hard and crunchy food items after your treatment. Excessive pressure can cause more damage and it is best to regulate your diet. Discuss with your dentist in Justin and figure out a list of food items that could be helpful during this time. 

Use Cold Compresses

Use an icepack to minimize swelling and discomfort. Cold compresses can be your savior and greatly reduce the recovery time.

Keep Your Head Elevated

Prop up your head on a pillow to slightly elevate it. This will enable the area to heal faster and also speed up your root canal recovery process. Keep your head elevated and you can get back to your regular life in no time.

Refrain From Strenuous Activities

It is essential to give your body a break and take adequate rest to heal faster. Avoid hitting the gym or other strenuous activities for a couple of days after the treatment. It could lead to toothaches and delay your recovery.

Use Painkillers

After the effects of the sedative wear off, you might feel the pain and find it uncomfortable. Consult your dental care professional and use prescribed painkillers that coils help you to regulate the pain after your root canal procedure. However, if the pain persists then you must visit the dental office.

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