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Wisdom Teeth Extraction LP



Dec 1 - Jan 15

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Wisdom teeth, also known as the final set of molars, generally emerge as a person approaches adulthood. Nonetheless, due to potential space constraints within the mouth, these teeth may encounter difficulties during their eruption, resulting in issues such as crowding, impaction, and other related problems. Justin Dental and Braces's team, provides wisdom teeth extraction services to proactively address these concerns, ensuring a smooth and pain-free experience while preventing potential complications.


What Are Our Patients Saying?

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“Superior quality and Less expensive. Dr. Andy and Dr. Amee explained the treatment in detail that no other dentist did so far. I got braces done for my daughter here. We are seeing results as explained to us.
The front office is very welcoming and full of new technology. ”
“I loved my experience. The dentist was very knowledgeable and had a gentle touch. The staff was very pleasant and friendly. They answered all my questions. Definitely will recommend my friends and family for their dental needs. Thank you Justin Dental for my beautiful smile!!!”
Michelle Sewell
“I needed orthodontic care for my children, & loved the fact that Justin Dental & Braces offered both ortho & dental in one location, near home. When we visited, we got the added benefit of a friendly family atmosphere. The whole staff was kind and put me & my kids at ease. Good place for the whole family!”
Tricia Jessup
“Staff and Dr Pathak were wonderful! I was extremely nervous about dental appointment due to past experiences at a previous dentist where I moved from but they put me at ease. Were very kind and took time to explain all steps to me. Was able to get a Saturday appointment the same week I called which was wonderful! Would highly recommend Justin Dental and Braces!”
Gretchen Fitzpatrick


Frequently Asked Questions

The removal of wisdom teeth becomes imperative when patients suffer from painful symptoms caused by impacted wisdom teeth. Often, there isn’t adequate space within the mouth for the four extra molars to properly emerge, resulting in issues such as overcrowding and misalignment. Impacted wisdom teeth can exhibit growth patterns that include sideways expansion, partial emergence, or being trapped beneath the gumline.
In our cutting-edge office, we conduct wisdom tooth removal procedures utilizing the most advanced technology and methods available. Your dental X-rays will be thoroughly examined to craft a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs. Wisdom teeth extraction is typically carried out with the use of sedation, ensuring your comfort and relaxation throughout the procedure. and his team will skillfully extract each wisdom tooth, prioritizing a seamless and efficient recovery process.

Wisdom teeth may cause serious symptoms, such as:

  • Overcrowding
  • Jaw & Teeth Misalignment
  • Jaw Damage
  • Nerve Damage
  • Tooth & Jaw Pain
  • Gum Disease
  • Infection
  • Cysts
  • Tooth Damage

If you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or other issues related to your wisdom teeth, Justin Dental and Braces can help. To get started, schedule a consultation with our team today. We’ll thoroughly examine your teeth, take X-rays, and discuss your options in detail. Together, we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and ensures a smooth and successful wisdom teeth extraction experience.

Meet Your Wisdom Teeth Specialists

dr amee justin dentist

Dr. Amee Pathak

Hello y’all! My name is Amee Pathak. I am a dentist and I have been practicing dentistry for more than 12 years. Learn More About Dr. Amee Pathak
dr andy orthodontist justin

Dr. Ankit "Andy" Shah

Hi, I am Andy Shah. I am an orthodontist – specialist in braces. I have been practicing in the metroplex area for more than 10 years.  Learn More About Dr. Ankit “Andy” Shah

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