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in what way dental fluoride is useful

How Dental Fluoride Helps Our Teeth?

Fluoride treatments at Justin Dental And Brace in Justin,TX aren’t only for youngsters. Fluoride treatments help adults, too. Although untreated decay in children has dropped, it has climbed in adults, according to the CDC. Our teeth become more susceptible to tooth and root decay as we age. Fluoride may help prevent adult tooth decay.

What About Fluoride?

What Is Fluoride?Fluoride is a water-based mineral which can be added to water to promote mouth health, even though it occurs naturally.

Fluoride is added to toothpaste and mouth rinses and may be delivered at dental clinics. Most persons with excellent dental health are at low risk for decay and may obtain enough fluoride through fluoridated toothpaste and water, while some may benefit from fluoride supplements.

Fluoride pills are one of the greatest and simplest ways to avoid painful and costly tooth issues in adults.

It helps adult teeth.

Fluoride protects teeth from decay by repairing weakening tooth surfaces via tooth remineralization, which returns lost minerals that make teeth firm. Fluoride may strengthen teeth to prevent future decay and stop early decay, avoiding tooth fillings.

As we age, our teeth weaken, leaving them more prone to decay. As we age, our lips remineralize less efficiently naturally. Other risk factors may limit natural remineralization and increase cavities-causing bacteria.


Dry mouth is a leading cause of adult tooth decay. Xerostomia reduces saliva production. Saliva remineralizes teeth naturally. Without adequate saliva, teeth lose strength and can’t mend themselves.Diabetes, Sjogren’s disease, persistent allergies, sinus difficulties, and even snoring may cause dry mouth in adults.Many adult drugs cause mouth dryness. CPAP may also induce dry mouth.

Dry mouth reduces mineralization and makes teeth and gums sticky, which makes it harder to eliminate decay-causing germs with brushing and flossing.When gums recede, the tooth root is exposed, putting adults at risk for dental decay. Cementum, a thin tooth structure, decays rapidly. Root decay is difficult to cure and may recur after being filled.

Protecting root surfaces prevents deterioration.

You are at a greater risk for decay if you have numerous fillings, crowns, or bridges because germs may hide in and around dental work, making it tougher to clean.Tooth margins are where a filling meets enamel or a crown finishes, and the tooth starts. These margins may harbor decay-causing bacteria.

Plaque germs on teeth may cause deterioration if left too long. As we age, our home care isn’t as excellent as it was, or we have hurdles like dental work or adult braces that make it harder.Adults who fail to see the dentist frequently are also at risk for dental disease.

Tobacco usage dries the mouth and produces a stain that permits plaque to cling. Smoking stimulates gum recession, which causes root rot.Chemotherapy or radiation therapies may diminish saliva flow in cancer patients, putting them at risk for root rot.

Fluoride types for adults

Varnish in-office

Your dentist applies fluoride varnish following a cleaning—fast and simple protection. Varnish is a transparent liquid that is painted on teeth and roots. Fluoride absorption facilitates remineralization.

In-office treatments are usually high-strength and need a dentist’s approval.

Prescription toothpaste and rinses

Regular fluoride varnish users don’t require at-home treatments. High-risk individuals may benefit from prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Yes! ADHA says fluoride is safe and effective when used as directed.

Fluoride benefits

Yes! Fluoride prevents tooth decay and reduces root hypersensitivity, such as cold sensitivity and dental cleaning sensitivity.

What about fluoride treatments?

Some dental insurance policies include adult fluoride treatments. If it’s not covered, you may pay out of pocket for this easy procedure that might spare you pain and expensive dental work.

Other ways to protect teeth?

Good oral hygiene and frequent dental cleanings and checkups help keep teeth strong. Mechanicsburg dentists should know your decay risk.Whether you have any of the risks for adult decay, ask your dentist or hygienist if fluoride may benefit you and answer “Yes.”

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