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Enjoy a comfortable and functional smile again with our customized denture solutions, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.
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What are Prosthetic Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic appliances worn to replace many or all missing teeth. Patients with severely advanced gum disease may benefit from extracting existing teeth and placing a denture. For others, you may require a partial denture, which is a prosthesis that is made to replace just a few teeth that are missing in the mouth. Both full and partial dentures can last for up to seven years before replacement is needed.

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Why would Dentures be necessary?

When you’re missing a great deal of your teeth, it can affect your ability to live life to the fullest. You may not be able to eat certain foods and your chewing capabilities have diminished. Furthermore, your face may have taken on a sunken-in appearance that ages you prematurely. In all of these instances, a denture can correct these problems and give you back your confidence.

I have to admit that I am nervous about going to a dentist. But the entire team at Justin Dental and Braces made me feel really relaxed and all my anxiety went away. Dentist is very friendly and experienced. I live in Robson Ranch and will continue to come here for years to come.

Andrew C.

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Who is a candidate for a Prosthesis?

Prosthetic appliances are ideal for patients who are missing many of their natural teeth. In many cases, a patient may need extractions before a denture can be made and placed over the gums. This is especially the case if you have advanced gum disease and many of your teeth are loose or decayed. We will perform an examination to determine if and when you’ll need a prosthesis.

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What can be expected during the Denture procedure?

First, we may need to do extractions to remove decayed or loose teeth before an appliance can be made. Once the gums have healed, we’ll take impressions of the mouth that are used to create a unique prosthetic appliance. We match your gums and existing teeth to the new appliance. This ensures that the denture looks as natural as possible and improves your smile, bite and oral functioning. We then have you come in for the actual fitting, which involves adjusting the denture to get the fit just right. Your new appliance will last for quite a few years and provide you with daily reliable wear.

If you think it’s time for dentures or want to discuss replacing an older prosthetic, we can be contacted immediately to further answer your questions.