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Dental Fillings

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Dental Fillings

Restore your smile with our natural-looking dental fillings and enjoy pain-free eating and drinking.
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What are Fillings?

A filling is a restorative option that replaces decay in the mouth. Whether you don’t practice proper oral hygiene or you’re just prone to tooth decay, a cavity can begin to develop and compromise the tooth. If you leave the decay untreated, it’ll eventually make its way deeper into the tooth. Before the decay can get this deep, we’ll remove it and place a composite tooth-colored filling.

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Why are Dental Fillings necessary?

A dental filling is typically necessary if you have a cavity. The decay in the tooth will need to be completely removed before the filling is placed. When the decay is removed, it leaves behind a small hole. Rather than subjecting the tooth to further damage and sensitivity issues, a filling is used to fill in this hole and restore the tooth to its original size and shape.

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Who is a candidate for the Dental Filling procedure?

Fillings are ideal for patients of all ages. They are beneficial for kids who have cavities just as much as they’re helpful in providing restorative care for adults. We will perform an examination that can tell us if you have a cavity. If you have multiple cavities, we can even place several fillings at the same appointment if they’re in the same vicinity.

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What can be expected when having Dental Fillings placed?

To start, we administer local anesthesia via an injection to numb the area. We then completely remove the decay from the tooth. The tiny hole is then prepped for the new filling with a bonding agent. The composite resin is matched to your tooth color and placed into the hole. It is smoothed and cured in place, preventing it from moving or falling out. Most composite fillings can last for several years before they might need a replacement. The procedure takes about a half an hour unless more than one filling is going to be placed.

If you think you might require a filling and want to schedule an appointment, call Justin Dental and Braces now and we’ll help in assisting you further