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Dental Exams and Cleanings

What are Exams and Cleanings?

Examinations and professional cleanings are essential in keeping your teeth healthy. They should be done twice a year as part of your preventative care regimen. We provide exams and cleanings for both new and existing patients as a way to provide them with the care they need. Exams are conducted by our doctors while the cleaning is performed by a trained licensed hygienist.

Why would Exams and Cleanings be needed?

You need an exam to help determine if you have cavities or other intraoral problems. These issues can go unnoticed without the help of an expert examination. The cleaning is essential in removing tartar, plaque and stains from your teeth twice a year. The gums are then checked so that we can begin treatment if gingivitis or gum disease are present.

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Who’s a candidate for Exams and Cleanings?

Every person in your family is a candidate for both examinations and cleanings. We advise parents to start bringing their children into the office as soon as possible so that we can get on a good schedule of routine care. The cleaning and exam takes less than an hour in our office. It’s convenient and can be pre-scheduled so that you never forget to come in.

What happens during normal Exams and Cleanings?

To begin the process, we take x-rays that are used in the treatment of your oral health. The licensed hygienist then cleans the teeth using special hygiene tools to scrape off any tartar, buildup and debris from the teeth. The teeth are carefully flossed and polished before a gum check is conducted. The gum check involves checking for signs of inflammation, bleeding and deep pocketing. All of these symptoms can be signs of gingivitis or periodontal gum disease. The doctor then comes in and performs an exam to check for cavities, problem restorations and other issues that you might be experiencing.

If you would like to set up an appointment for a cleaning and exam, call us today and we will help in any way that we can.