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damon braces get appealing smile

Damon Braces- Get Appealing Smile

Have you ever heard about a smile? Damon’s Smile is a smile that Damon’s system can only achieve. With the help of the Damon system, you can get a smile that is more than straight teeth. This system also helps protect the health of your team and gums and provides a beautiful and natural smile. 

As per the studies, the teeth that fit in the smile arch and produce the wider smile is referred to as a Damon smile and is much more attractive. Now the question arises how can you get a wider smile, to know more let’s read the blog. 

Damon Braces- Smile Wider 

Like orthodontic systems, Damon braces are used to straighten your teeth. The major difference between Damon braces and other braces is how the system works in the straightening of your teeth. 

When we talk about braces, we all know that they use archwires and brackets to move. While traditional braces have elastic bands surrounding each bracket, Damon braces use self litigate system that connects archwire to brackets, which is not possible in the traditional braces system. 

Damon braces are approved and claimed to be a better treatment than traditional braces by many orthodontics due to which this system has gained popularity amongst people.

Problems Solved By Damon Braces 

Significant problems that are solved by Damon Braces:

  1. Crooked Teeth
  2. Over Crowding Teeth
  3. Mild or severe malocclusion (abnormal alignment of lower and upper teeth).

Advantages Of Damon Braces

  • Less Discomfort

It is believed that in Damon braces the shifting of teeth becomes easier than in traditional braces. Due to the slide machine, the teeth move in natural space. 

  • Easier To Clean

Less discomfort isn’t the only benefit of Damon braces, though. Since these braces have fewer parts, they’re also easier to clean.

  • Fewer Orthodontic Treatment

Some orthodontists also claim that Damon braces (like other self-ligating systems) can result in fewer orthodontic visits and adjustments compared to traditional braces. Elastic ties and bands common with traditional braces can loosen over time, requiring periodic replacement.

  • Multiple Styles To Choose From

In Damon braces, you get the opportunity to choose different styles like metal braces and ceramic braces. Do you also want an appealing smile in Justin or surrounding regions? Justin Dental & Braces is proud to be serving the communities of Justin, Rhome, Ponder, Northlake, Boyd, Newark, Pecan Acres, Robson Ranch, Haslet, and surrounding communities. Smile Wider with reliable dental care.

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