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Clear Aligners in Justin TX

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners help to apply pressure to the teeth to put them into more uniform alignment. This corrects crowding, crookedness and uneven spacing. This allows you to benefit from traditional orthodontic treatment without the world knowing you’re undergoing treatment.

Why are Clear Aligners needed?

Clear aligners are often needed if you have severe overcrowded and crooked teeth. The system is effective in helping under and overbites as well. You might choose this system over other options because you don’t want a mouth full of silver metal. These clear aligners are more discreet and are ideal for teens and adults undergoing orthodontic care.

Dr. Shah and his staff were extremely accommodating when my daughter had an issue with her braces over a holiday weekend. They returned my after hours phone call within minutes and scheduled an appointment to resolve the issue within 24 hours.

Corinne Danicki

Who’s a candidate for Clear Aligners?

The clear aligner system is great for patients of all ages. They work similarly to traditional metal braces, so they’re beneficial even for the most severe orthodontic problems. We can conduct an examination before determining if clear aligners are right for you. Most of our patients who would like clear aligners can have them placed on their teeth as part of ongoing care and treatment.