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Dental Braces

Straighten your teeth and achieve your best smile yet with our customized braces treatment for all ages.

How does Justin Dental and Braces help you get a beautiful smile affordable with Braces?

  1. Affordable Down-payment- as low as $300 Down
  2. Flexible Monthly payments- as low as $189/month
  3. 0% Interest Free Financing
  4. Customized and affordable financial options tailored specifically for you to help you get started right away!

Get Your Perfect Smile with Justin Dental and Braces

Justin Dental and Braces is where our unwavering commitment is to assist you in achieving that perfect smile. We integrate cutting-edge technology, individualized care, and dedication to our services.

Whether you find yourself contemplating braces for personal enhancement or a cherished family member, or if you’re in search of a reliable dental ally for general oral care, our seasoned team stands ready to shepherd you through the voyage toward optimal oral health and a smile that authentically mirrors your unique personality. Immerse yourself in the spectrum of our services and unearth how we can elevate your dental journey into an uplifting and fulfilling experience.

Signs that You Need Braces

Crooked or Crowded Teeth:

Should you observe your teeth displaying signs of misalignment or overcrowding, it hints at an early need for braces. This orthodontic solution not only enhances alignment but also significantly improves the overall aesthetic of your smile. Addressing these concerns early on contributes not only to oral health but also to a considerable boost in self-confidence.

Overlapping or Misaligned Teeth:

The impact of overlapping or misaligned teeth extends beyond aesthetics, affecting the ease of cleaning and maintaining oral hygiene. Braces emerge as a highly effective corrective measure, ensuring proper alignment of teeth. The result is not just a healthier oral environment but also a visually appealing smile.

Difficulty Chewing or Biting:

Experiencing challenges during chewing or biting could indicate misaligned teeth or bite issues. Braces present a transformative solution by aligning teeth and jaws, leading to improved functionality and a more comfortable biting experience. The comprehensive benefits extend to both oral health and overall well-being.

Premature Or Delayed Shedding Of Primary Teeth

The timing of baby tooth loss holds vital clues to potential orthodontic issues. Early or late loss may signal the need for orthodontic intervention. Braces play a crucial role in guiding the proper eruption of permanent teeth, averting future complications, and ensuring harmonious and healthy dental development.

Benefits of Braces

Improved Oral Health and Hygiene:

Opting for braces goes beyond aesthetic benefits; it actively improves your oral health. Aligned teeth simplify the maintenance of oral hygiene, diminishing the likelihood of cavities and gum problems for a healthier, more resilient smile.

Enhanced Self-Esteem and Confidence:

Beyond the physical changes, braces foster a positive shift in self-esteem and confidence. Attaining a straight and attractive smile can significantly elevate self-assurance, positively influencing various facets of your life.

Correction of Speech Impediments:

In some select cases, Braces might play a pivotal role in rectifying speech impediments arising from misaligned teeth. Proper alignment enhances speech clarity, fostering improved communication skills and bolstering confidence in social situations.

Reduced Risk of Dental Issues (Decay, Gum Disease):

Well-aligned teeth, courtesy of braces, actively lower the risk of dental problems like decay and gum disease. The streamlined process of cleaning and maintaining oral health with aligned teeth contributes to a robust and healthier smile.

Proper Alignment for Better Chewing and Digestion:

Braces don’t just enhance aesthetics; they also optimize tooth functionality. Well-aligned teeth ensure improved chewing, aiding digestion and nutrient absorption, ultimately promoting overall well-being.

Prevention of Excessive Wear on Teeth:

Misaligned teeth can result in uneven wear, impacting the longevity of your teeth. Braces are essential in keeping your teeth in proper alignment and improving their long-term durability.

The staff is very nice. Bonus is that they’re open on the weekends! So for those who can’t afford to get off work for a day or for a few hours (like myself), it’s a definite plus!

Jackie Trujillo

What Can You Expect From Your Consultation Of Braces In Justin?

– Comprehensive examination of teeth and jaw
– Discussion of treatment options and timeline
– X-rays and photos for a personalized treatment plan
– Explanation of costs, insurance, and financing options
– Overview of the brace types (traditional, Damon, etc.)
– Q&A session to address any concerns
– Tailoring the treatment to suit individual requirements

Schedule An Appointment For Affordable Braces Near Justin

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The duration of braces varies based on individual needs, typically ranging from 18 months to three years on average. For a more precise estimate, your orthodontist will assess your specific case during the consultation, ensuring a tailored treatment plan.
The ideal age for initiating orthodontic treatment is typically between 9 and 14 when permanent teeth are emerging. However, adults can also benefit from braces, and there is always time to consult with an orthodontist to determine the most suitable time for personalized treatment.
Certainly! Wearing braces shouldn’t impede your ability to engage in sports or play musical instruments. While there might be an initial adjustment period, it’s advisable to use a protective mouthguard during sports activities to prevent injuries. For those playing wind instruments, a short adaptation period may be necessary, and your orthodontist can offer guidance for a seamless transition.